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Construction Materials

  • We use a variety of materials in crafting our products. Sound engineering determines which material is best suited for each specific application. This can vary from one style family to another, one door/drawer style to another, and even from one finish to another. We consider the use and function of each component and choose construction materials with the optimum characteristics accordingly. For example, we do not use natural wood shelves inside our vanities due to the variety of cleaning chemicals usually stored there. Instead, we use a shelf that has a chemical proof melamine coating. On the other hand, shelves in linen cabinets are not generally exposed to chemicals and are therefore finished to match the cabinet's outside finish.
  • For vanities and furniture with natural wood finishes, we use natural American hardwoods (cherry, maple &oak) for door/drawer faces and hardwood veneer plywood for cabinets. Vanities and furniture that are finished in a color (satin white, satin biscuit & satin black) have door/drawer faces of solid maple in most cases and hardwood veneer plywood in the cabinet body. Two style/finish choices (ultraline satin white and beaded satin white) use thermofoil wrapped mdf doors and melamine laminated mdf cabinet parts. These are extremely durable finishes.

  • Everything we do is based on one principle: to give the consumer the highest quality cabinet possible made from the best materials available for the application.


Door and Drawer Faces

  • All doors and drawer faces are ¾” thick.
    • Natural wood finishes are solid hardwood
    • Satin White, Biscuit & Black are applied to solid maple
      • Exceptions: Ultraline & Beaded Satin White have a 16 mil thermofoil (PVC) vacuum formed coating over mdf

  • Ultraline - solid ¾”
  • Beaded - 5-piece door. Frame ¾”
  • Shaker - 5-piece door. Frame ¾”
  • Mitre - 5-piece door. Frame ¾”
  • Slab - solid ¾”



  • Solid wood
    • Full 5/8” thick
    • Dovetail corners
    • Soft close, full extension, undermount drawer glides.
    • Bottoms 1/4" plywood


Cabinet Bodies

  • Construction is ¾” thick material
  • Vanities and Drawer Banks do not have back panels
  • Linens have ¼” thick back panels
  • Front stretchers (top & bottom) are hardwood veneer plywood (edge banded to seal)
    • Exceptions: Ultraline & Beaded Satin White have melamine laminated mdf stretchers (edge banded to seal)
  • Sides are hardwood veneer plywood (edge banded to seal)
    • Exceptions: Ultraline & Beaded Satin White have melamine laminated mdf side panels (edge banded to seal)
  • Rear stretchers (top & bottom) are melamine laminated mdf (edge banded to seal)
  • Furniture, Accent, Inset & Modern styles have solid hardwood legs



  • Natural or stained finishes - two coats catalyzed conversion varnish
    • Hand rubbed between coats
  • Satin White, Satin Biscuit & Satin Black - two coats pigmented conversion varnish
    • Hand rubbed between coats
    • Exceptions: Ultraline & Beaded Satin White - Thermofoil door/drawer faces, melamine laminated panels


Interior shelves

  • In vanities - mdf w/maple melamine finish (chemical proof) for durability and easy cleaning (wood or paint finishes will not hold up here)
  • In Cabinet style linen uppers & Furniture, Accent, Inset & Modern style linens - ¾” hardwood veneer plywood finished to match cabinet finish
  • In medicine cabinets - 5/16" frosted Plexiglas



  • Doors
    • 6-way adjustable hinges
    • Integrated soft close in hinges
  • Drawers
    • Soft close - spring loaded hydraulic cylinder
    • High quality, full extension, under-mount glide system


Medium Density Fiberboard (mdf)

  • Medium density fiberboard (mdf) is not to be confused with particle board. Mdf is a highly engineered product designed for cabinets and furniture. Particle board is a poor quality product made from wood chips, sawdust, and glue and then pressed together under low pressure. Mdf is made from individual wood fibers separated from larger pieces by a very technical process. The fibers are then mixed with a resin and tightly compressed to form a sheet that is smooth, holds screws well, takes finishes well, and will never warp. Mdf actually contains more wood fiber that solid wood and the fibers are not unidirectional like solid wood so it can not warp.



  • All Strasser products meet or exceed current California Air Resources Board (CARB) formaldehyde content regulations 93120.2.

  • What does this mean to you? This is a California regulation to reduce Formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products including plywood. This is a very positive step and Strasser Woodenworks embraces this and further steps to make products safer for the home. You can feel confident that Strasser Woodenworks will always have your best interest in mind and that we will always produce products from the best and safest materials available. For more information go to www.carb.org.

  • Many imported vanities and wood furniture may still not be in compliance. Check to make sure that the product you are considering is CARB compliant. If not compliant do not purchase it and contact the retailer. The enforcement of this regulation falls on the retailer. Considering the current budget constraints there is no active enforcement of this regulation other than the retailer and the consumer.