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Natural Products

  • We are proud to use several different species of American hardwoods in the production of our cabinets. Wood is a beautiful natural material that adds warmth and variety to our homes. No two pieces of wood will be the same and that is the charm of this material. Coloring and grain patterns vary, even within boards from the same tree. In addition, wood changes color as it ages and with exposure to light.

    In crafting our cabinets, several steps of hand finishing enhance and protect the underlying wood. There is variability and each door or drawer face is a bit different from every other. Variation in cabinets with hand applied finishes over natural wood is a characteristic and not a defect of our products.

    Remember, too, that wood is still a “living” component and moves with moisture. Over time some hairline marks may appear in the finish, especially with pigmented (color) finishes, over joints in faces where individual pieces are glued together. These will be seen on any cabinet from any manufacturer that uses natural wood. Be assured that we use only the best and most advanced finishes with the greatest elasticity to minimize joint marks.

  • Granite is a product of nature. Like all natural materials, no two pieces will be exactly alike. Granite vanity tops will have variations in color, patterns, mineral deposits, veining, and directional trends. Quartz tops are made from natural stone (quartz) and will also vary in stone color, pattern, size, shape, and shade. These variations are inherent and unique characteristics and are to be expected with these products. Displays, samples blocks, and literature images are intended to serve as general examples, not exact representations, of actual slabs used in the tops.

    Purchasing a Granite or Quartz vanity top means you understand the characteristics of its surface and acknowledge that Strasser Woodenworks is unable to replace countertops in relation to them.

  • By ordering a cabinet or vanity top, the customer acknowledges the likelihood of color and wood grain variations or stone color, pattern, size, shape, or shade variations; and will not hold the selling dealer or Strasser Woodenworks responsible for these characteristics.
  • Concerned about Radiation or Radon Gas from Granite? We had our granite tested.

    • "...all the samples tested below the average outdoor radon concentration. ...all the samples add only insignificant amounts of radon to the home, and no more than the outside air would in opening a window."* (*Exerpt from a report by RDS Environmental, EPA certified Radon Laboratory. Lab ID# 102717.0AL)

    • Click here for an Acrobat PDF of our report.